Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Argumentative essay about election

When one is asked to write an argumentative essay, one is basically being asked to select a certain position in an argument that has two sides and put forward a set of arguments clearly pointing out why the position that one has settled for is by far better than the contrary position. This also means that one would have to present both sides of a certain argument and them take an early position before punching holes into the other side of the argument while reaffirming the position that one has assumed.

While writing such an essay, one should not only concentrate on ones side of the argument but one should also acknowledge that the other side of the argument could also hold some truth. One should however be very careful when doing this less one makes the other side of the argument more appealing than the position that one holds and the position that one has stated that he will support in the essay.

For instance, when one is asked to write an argumentative essay about election, one would have to select a certain issue about lections that is debatable and mention the two sides of the issue. One would then select the side of the argument that he perceives as holding more water and spend a considerable time defending this position while making the other side of the argument appear less viable.

Sine this is an academic or professional essay, the writer should also learn to respect the opinions of the individuals who hold a contrary position. One should therefore not use words that abuse of belittle individuals who do not hold the same opinion as the writer of the argumentative essay. The main point of any argumentative essay is to reveal several facts that will make a person who holds an opposing position, or an individual who is undecided about a certain issue to shun the other side of the argument and agree with one’s side of the argument without having his ego scratched.

For instance, if one is arguing whether or not elations are ever democratic, and one wishes to argue out that elections are never democratic, One would first have to acknowledge that there are those who hold an opinion contrary to one’s position, and for a good reason. One could them proceed to mention a few reasons that make people think that elections are democratic before getting to one’s side of the argument.

An important thing when writing argumentative essays is that fro every strong point that one points out about those holding an contrary opinion, one should put in an even stronger points in support of one’s views. This way when reader reads both arguments, one will automatically see that the side of the argument that one is supporting holds more water and will most likely agree with one. One should however avoid being one sided and must seem to explore both sides.

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